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DSAW Steel Pipe Engineering Automation System Project

The project is the current domestic automation level the highest, in international industry occupies leading position of large diameter longitudinal double submerged arc welded pipe production line system, Ataturk Company responsible for the whole production line automation control and MES.

steel pipe

Project background:

In recent years, with the world's growing demand for energy, especially to speed up the pace of Chinese and Asian oil gas resource development, oil and gas pipelines of new-type and high quality welded pipe needs increasing. Yangzhou longtrin Steel Tube Co., Ltd. investment of JCOE large diameter longitudinal double submerged arc welded pipe production line, is the automation level in China is the highest, in the same industry occupies the leading position of a production line. Can meet the domestic and foreign key oil and gas pipeline project of large diameter and large wall thickness of longitudinal submerged arc welding pipe demand. Relevant data show that the JCOE longitudinal submerged arc welding forming process for the production of products with high competitiveness in the world, the developed countries already mature application, but in China is in the stage of accelerating development, the current domestic only a few companies have production capacity. According to reports, the products in the construction and equipment installation phase, the Middle East, North America and other large oil and gas projects have Yalian reached cooperation intentions. The production line of mass production, the annual capacity of up to 200000 tons. 3 years, the annual output will reach 3000000000 yuan.

Benefit analysis:

The automatic control system of Turck Company responsible for the whole production line, and MES management system. After the completion of the project will be for manufacturers to save a lot of manpower cost, realize partly unattended. MES management system will provide quality management service for the whole production line management.. Make the whole production process clear and transparent, product information simple and easy to check.

Steel pipe DSAW engineering objectives and principles:

For the Yalian steel pipe project, the company attaches great importance to appoint a person in charge of the project, the project manager. And the coordination of various departments to work together, and strive to make the industry excellent project. Successfully build a steel pipe automation line.
Process Description: JCOE large diameter longitudinal submerged arc welding, will a certain thickness of the steel plate through a series of process, steel testing - edge milling - pre bending, molding, pre welding in welding, welding, ultrasonic tube probe - a X light detection expanding classics, internal and external grinding - pressure - Secondary ultrasonic flaw detection tube end filming - second X light detection - straight - full circle - chamfering weight made of length measurement and some process.

Application and implementation of project plan:

1. the project design stage: familiar with the production process, according to the process to establish the design idea, determine the control object, the number of on-site motor, type, power, drawing schematics. Relatively high accuracy requirements, such as expanding machine inlet roller, etc., adopt inverter control design, also trolley motor with inverter control, to ensure the control precision.

2. components selection. Selection of electrical components adopt imported brands, such as PLC and frequency converter are selected Siemens brand, low-voltage components such as, tiaokonggaokai, circuit breaker, contactor by Schneider brand. These big brands have the characteristics of long service life, easy maintenance, simple operation and so on. To ensure the quality of the project from the source.

3. components procurement.

4. Make cabinet and program..

5. on-site installation, commissioning.

Steel pipe DSAW engineering features:

1. The whole control system is divided into 4 large areas, and a set of S7-400PLC is designed, which makes the whole system simple and simple..

2. low voltage cabinet to roller motor roller is arranged in the middle of the switch box, installed in the Schneider GV2 switch. This design saves the space in the low pressure cabinet, makes the control hierarchy and the length of the motor cable.. Thereby saving cost.

3. the whole control detection system uses a large number of models of Turk sensor, Turk sensor with high accuracy, simple installation, and strong and durable, etc.. The accuracy and stability of the whole control system are ensured..

4. the console control scheme, 40 console design, distributed in the whole production workshop, each console control 1 ~ 2 cars and the nearby roller, and the rotating roller devices. This design avoids the disadvantages of the small operation box over dispersed, and makes the control more centralized and convenient, and reduces the operator..

5. car automatically discharging, dumping, feeder, wherein the feeding request has the highest priority, and unloading material times, pouring the lowest priority.

6. the length of the steel tube measurement is a major bright spot throughout the project, but also a difficult. Is the basis for the realization of the entire system automation. Through the repeated test of designers, a simple and practical steel tube length measurement system is developed.. Not only greatly improve the accuracy of steel tube length measurement, but also save the cost.

For example, G01-05 G06-10 table

The roller segment will be responsible for the steel 2#-4 car sent to SX3,4 lifting and rotating roller and accurate alignment.

The roller placed 3 a sensor, 2 length sensors (TS600-M3). Material sensor position: G05, G03