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The Design of Allland Large Diameter Lsaw Steel Pipe Workshop

As raw material with a generous plate after chamfering and bending side, with a u-shaped press to press it into u, then through 0 press pressure to 0, the expanding of the reentry after submerged arc welding processes such as made of large diameter steel pipe (hereinafter referred to as the uoe welded pipe) workshop design. In addition, the production of large diameter lsaw steel pipe and pressure molding, three roller bending forming and row roller displayed, each root welded pipe has a weld, there are two weld. Uoe welded pipe is mainly used for high voltage long distance pipeline of oil, gas and other medium tube. The design principle of uoe welded pipe workshop see rolling mill design.

LSAW steel pipe

A brief history of the United States in 1940 in the first place by uoe production of large diameter straight seam welded steel pipe. In the early 50 s America built a diameter of 607 ~ 915 mm lioe tube welding workshop. Europe, the United States and Japan between 1955 and 1967 the construction of uoe welded pipe workshop, the steel pipe diameter in the range of 406 ~ 1067 mm, tube maximum length of ~ 12 m. 1967 to 1976, the federal republic of Germany, Japan u0e unit of the construction of the welded steel pipe diameter of 1626 mm, the wall thickness of steel 40 mm, length of 18 m, and adopt the continuous automatic welding and nondestructive flaw detection and automatic control technology.

Scale and product design scheme of uoe welded pipe workshop design scale generally is 40 ~ 1.1 million t/a, main varieties for quality carbon steel pipe, steel yield strength of 750 mpa, product specification range of 406 ~ 1626 mm in diameter, wall thickness 6.4 ~ 40 mm, length of 18 m.

Process the uoe welded pipe for generous plate of raw materials, after chamfering the edge bending, in it will be pressed into u, u press again on 0 type press it into a circular tube, then after welding, pipe tube to a few lines of welding, welding arc plate on welding was carried out on the inside and outside, after forming steel tube, again on the expanding machine for steel pipe expansion tube sizing, and improve the dimensional precision, weld after all kinds of inspection, in the inside and outside surface coated with anticorrosive coating. The production process is shown in figure 1.

Process equipment selection Mainly according to the production scale, product plan, choice of construction funds and the conditions of raw materials, energy and other steel plate chamfering machine, bending machine, u press, 0 type press, welding machine, welding machine, expanding machine, NDT equipment and steel pipe internal and external coating equipment, etc.

(1) plate chamfering machine. A rotating cutter type milling machine and high-speed planing machine two, early uoe unit with the former, because of welded pipe to develop in the direction of thick wall and high strength, and modern uoe unit generally adopts the high speed cutting planer.

(2) the bending machine. In order to improve the quality of molding, in front of the machine is equipped with bending machine. The form of the bending machine has two kinds of press type and roll type. Press type flanging machine for bilateral type, the maximum pressure of up to 150000 kn.

(3) u press. System with link type (center of molding pressure of 15000 kn), rocker arm mode (center of molding pressure of 30000 kn) and press with thrust plate (center mould pressure is 15000 kn, thrust plate pressure is 2 x 15000 kn) three, most unit adopts the model of radial u-shaped press.

(4) press 0 type. Final forming of tube billet and compressing process. Type 0 press pressure generally is 150000 ~ 250000 kn, large welded steel pipe diameter of 1626 mm, 550000 ~ 600000 kn, press should be able to produce steel tube length of 18 m.

Welding machine (5). Modernization of uoe welded pipe workshop is equipped with 1 ~ 2 welding line, will be pressed into the circular tube tube welding and arc welding plate, to prevent the pipe shell deformation, usually adopts carbon dioxide protection welding.

(6) welding machine. Continuous welding seam should be adopted in the first after welding, weld the inside and outside respectively automatic welding machine for welding, generally adopts double wire or wire welding head automatic submerged arc welding machine, in order to improve the welding speed.

(7) interchanged. Has two kinds of hydraulic and mechanical, mechanical expanding machine production capacity is higher, the inner diameter of the operation is simple and can obtain accurate, convenient for butt joint of pipeline.

(8) test equipment. Hydrostatic testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detector (internal defect detection of steel plate), the automatic flaw detection machine, X-ray detection machine, central and pipe end ray fluoroscopy device, fluorescent magnetic particle detection device, tensile and bending test facilities.

(9) steel pipe internal and external coating equipment. Using epoxy polyethylene or other materials of steel tube inside and outside surface coating processing, in order to achieve surface anti-corrosion surface to reduce friction, enhance the transport capacity.

Of workshop and plane layout Asked by raw materials across different q, molding workshop, the welding bay, finishing check the bay, bay, generally adopts parallel arrangement. Due to the high output, steel pipe size is big, want to consider assembly line continuous operation, and make reasonable arrangement, technological process for the shortest.