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The Development Trend of The API LSAW Steel Pipe

The energy market background, especially the construction of long distance natural gas pipeline to promote the development of API LSAW steel pipe, the current market, domestic and international market demand for domestic oil and gas pipelines of about 8000000 T, the amount of annual supply in China is 11000000 T, the market competition is more intense, the development trend of the API LSAW steel pipe in the future:

LSAW steel pipe

1, in the land use control, single gas transmission capacity to reach a level of 50000000000 m3/a, diameter 1422mm, grade X80, gas pressure of 12MPa. In

2, marine pipe, gas pipeline to the deep sea (depth above 1500m) pipeline direction; to the development of high strength, large pipe wall thickness for offshore structures, such as 610mm in diameter and 31.8mm specifications of X65 steel.

3, in the business management, the integration of (steel plate and pipe casting rolling plate -- -- -- pipe) is a trend, Japan, the India plate has matched with welded pipe production line, so China's Baoshan Iron Steel Co, Zhangjiagang Shagang Jinzhou Pipeline Co., Tangshan iron and Steel Group Co. ltd..

4, to enter the high-end market structure. China's API LSAW steel pipe in the construction of enterprise, one of the most important considerations of the equipment of the production line, such as the need to consider before welding pre configuration is an important problem, such as pre arranged preheating before welding equipment, or set up a heat treatment process, it is necessary; at the same time, the gradual introduction of network, information management.

5, in the market, in addition to the oil and gas transportation, and pulp conveying; in the aspect of mechanical structure tube, should also be extended to the field of pipe with thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, power, shipbuilding, chemical etc., pay attention to product diversification and individuation. In 6, the development of tube deformation of anti HIC and anti, in order to adapt to the delivery of acidic gases and in bad geological conditions (landslide, debris flow, earthquake) reinforced pipe against external environmental damage ability condition.