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The use of different kinds of straight seam steel pipe

Straight seam steel pipe can be divided into general steel pipe, galvanized pipe, oxygen blowing pipe, wire casing, metric, deep well pump pipe, welded pipe roller automobile with a variety of pipe, pipe welding transformer, special tubes, welded thin-wall pipe and spiral welded pipe and steel pipe, different different purposes.

General welded pipe is used to convey in low-pressure fluid, is made of easy welding mild steel, but also for the water pressure, bending machine flattening test in the process, in addition, also have certain requirements on surface quality. And from the wall thickness can be divided into general and thickening in two, from the end of the pipe form can be divided into threaded and non threaded two.

Galvanized steel pipe in can be divided into hot dip galvanizing and electrical steel zinc two, relatively, the former zinc layer is thick, the lower cost.

Oxygen blowing pipe welded steel pipe is used in steelmaking is complete when blowing, usually used in small caliber steel pipe welder aye, sometimes aluminizing process, has the effect of anti erosion.

Welded thin-wall pipe in pipe is made of stainless steel belt, it is used for making furniture, toys and lamps etc..

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