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Steel pipes can be widely used in the mechanical treatment field, petrochemical industry, transport and construction field; ordinary structural purposes and mechanic structural purposes; also can be used in low and medium pressure boiler for the transportation of fluids; the transportation of fluids in the projects and big equipments, such as the transportation of oil, water, gas and etc.

Carbon steel has been used as a most durable product which will goes with the time hand by hand. 
▲Steel Water pipes used every where in housing societies, offices etc. Steel Water pipes, sometimes referred to as domestic pipes, are most commonly used in building and construction.
▲Structural steel is steel construction material, a profile, formed with a specific shape and certain standards of chemical composition and strength. Structural steel shape, size, composition, strength, storage, etc, is regulated in most industrialized countries. Structural Steel Pipes has been engaged in Steel fencing, handrails, columns, stove pipes, exhaust pipes, chimney pipes & poles.
▲Steel pipes are also used in industries like in construction and energy. Industrial steel pipes can be used at any height, it is easy to maintain and also reliable.
▲ Oil Gas steel pipes are used in Oil as well as gas industry. Gas pipes run along your street and end at your gas meter. 

Different from carbon steel, seamless steel have incomparable features and a large range of applications which make them account for high market demand rate in industry.
Seamless pipe can be divided into circular pipes and special pipes according to the cross - sectional areas in different shape. The round seamless steel pipes are widely used because they can deliver more fluid and have uniform stress when bearing inside or outside radial pressure. 
Seamless steel pipes have a wide range of applications. General purpose seamless steel pipes are rolled by ordinary carbon structural steel and low alloy steels or structural steels with low alloy or structural alloy steels. They have large yield, and are mainly used for pipes which convey fluid or structural components.